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Best Scheduling Software for Fitness Studios

Manage your studio simply and wisely - COMING SOON!


The only appointment scheduling app created specifically for fitness studios!

Why bother messing around with a complicated software that tries to please all business types?

Simply define the types of classes or personal training sessions you provide, and you're ready to go.

Members can begin using your branded web site, as well as subscribe and schedule online.

System Features

All you need, from the palm of your hand

online booking.png

Online scheduling

Allow your members to book their own class or one on one sessions, through either your branded website or mobile app

members website.png

Members website

Where users find out more about your fitness studio, subscribe and manage their booked sessions, check your latest announcements

membership management.png

Membership management

Manage different membership plans to accommodate your members needs



Publish news and announcements to your members. New classes or changes in the calendar can easily be notified to all your members


Dashboard and insights

See your studio’s updated stats and insights, and control all its aspects.

Since Simply Studio is designed specifically to fitness studios, you'll feel right at home.


Easy and intuitive

We at Simply Studio focus on making both you and your members happy. That's why our top priority is how to make everything look simple and user friendly

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