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Your AI-Powered 
Fitness Studio 
Management Assistant!

Exciting news! Our AI-powered assistant, takes care of your weekly studio schedule effortlessly. Join our first beta users and experience the magic of Simply Studio. Elevate your studio to new heights!
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Simplified Fitness Studio Management

Finally, a software that's easy to use and understand

We recognize the significance of providing a seamless experience for members at your fitness club. This is why we've meticulously designed an intuitive booking system, enhanced by our AI Studio Assistant, which streamlines the procedure of reserving classes, appointments, or sessions. With a mere few clicks, your members can effortlessly explore the schedule, pick a suitable time and activity, and secure their spot.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have anything else you want to ask,  reach out to us.
  • What is Simply Studio?
    Simply Studio is an all-in-one Fitness Studio Management platform designed to simplify and streamline every aspect of running a successful fitness studio. From online scheduling and membership management to announcements and insights, Simply Studio empowers you with tools to enhance your studio's operations and provide an exceptional experience for your members.
  • How does Simply Studio work?
    Simply Studio works by providing you with a comprehensive suite of features that cater to the needs of fitness studio owners. You can easily set up your branded website or mobile app, allowing your members to book classes and one-on-one sessions seamlessly. Manage memberships, communicate with members through announcements and notifications, and gain valuable insights into your studio's performance through the intuitive Weekly Studio Schedule.
  • Does Simply Studio management software answer all the latest fitness industry trends?
    Yes, Simply Studio answers all need features and fitness trends to help the fitness studio owner focus on business growth and best fitness reputation management.
  • I'm new in the fitness business industry. Can Simply Studio help me get started?
    Yes! Simply Studio is the top management software as it's very easy to use and saves you a lot of time. It will take your fitness studio to the next level.
  •  Is Simply Studio management software answers all the latest fitness industry trends?
    Yes, Simply Studio answers all need features and fitness trends to help the fitness studio owner to focus on business growth and best fitness reputation management
  • Is Simply Studio software management suitable for any sport and fitness management?
    Yes, Simply Studio suits any sports and fitness management studio and any health fitness management studio.
  • Is Simply Studio gym management software free?
    Yes, it is FREE.
  • What additional benefits do I get for the $7?
    By opting for the $7 "Small Studio" plan, you unlock a host of additional benefits that take your fitness studio management to the next level. In addition to all the features available in the FREE plan, you'll enjoy: Up to 5 fitness instructors: Effortlessly manage and schedule your instructors, ensuring smooth operations. Enhanced member engagement: Engage your community with a greater variety of classes and personalized experiences. The Small Studio plan is ideal for growth studios that are ready to enhance their management capabilities with our AI-Powered Fitness Studio Management Assistant. Experience the advantages of this plan as you elevate your fitness studio's success.
  • Why is Simply Studio the best gym management and fitness management software?
    Simply Studio is the top management software because it is very easy to use and includes an AI assistant that helps you save time and focus on growing your business. As simple as that.
  • How can Simply Studio help me to get my fitness certification?
    Simply Studio can assist you in obtaining your fitness certification by offering a comprehensive curriculum covering exercise science, anatomy, nutrition, and practical skills. They provide detailed information about course materials, duration, and covered topics to ensure you receive a well-rounded education tailored to your fitness goals.
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