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Blending tech-savviness with an unshakeable passion for fitness, I am more than just your regular blogger. With a dynamic lifestyle that seamlessly integrates swimming, running, and yoga, I am devoted to practicing what I preach. As an avid athlete who understands the nuances of the fitness industry, my insights are deeply rooted in personal experience.

Beyond fitness, my expertise in mobile technology gives me an innovative edge. I combine my understanding of cutting-edge technology with fitness management to deliver content that helps gym owners leverage digital trends. My blog assists fitness enthusiasts and gym owners in navigating the evolving tech landscape while maximizing efficiency, profitability, and engagement.

Whether I'm swimming laps, mastering a yoga pose, running a trail, or exploring the latest workout app, I am constantly pushing boundaries and sharing my knowledge with the community. Fitness and tech might seem worlds apart, but, through my writing, I bring them together in a symphony of synergy that empowers gym owners and fitness lovers alike.

Last but not least, as an entrepreneur, I have Raised over $50M from top international VCs, institutional investors, and private investors. I also Built and implemented growth strategies and business models for B2B and B2C companies.


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Mendel Max
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Max Bluvband


Co Founder and Mobile Technology Expert

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