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Free Pro Tools to Power Up Your Fitness Studio

Get the tools to take your studio to the next level – for free!

Studio Owner Toolbox

Welcome to your one-stop shop for free tools and resources designed to help you grow your fitness studio, attract more clients, and maximize your impact.


The Ultimate Workout Music Playlists

Keep your workouts energized and your clients motivated with our curated playlists, featuring:

  • Upbeat workout tracks to power through sessions

  • Calming tunes for stretching and recovery

  • Yoga beats


The Ultimate Workout Plan

Get ready for the AI-Powered Workout Plan for Fitness!

  • Tuned to your goals

  • In just 2 minutes, you'll have a personalized workout plan.

  • Choose from popular split routines like Upper/Lower, Push/Pull, and Push/Pull/Legs.


BMI Calculator App

Accurately track your clients' body composition with this free, easy-to-use app. Features include:

  • Personalized BMI calculations

  • Customizable goal setting

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