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Why Small Fitness Studios Are The Next Big Thing

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

What are micro-gyms?

Large gym chains like LA Fitness, Planet Fitness, and Gold's Gym have been popular for a while. Trends have the virtue of evolving over time and the latest one in the fitness business is micro-gyms.

Micro-gyms, or small fitness studios are fitness facilities that are smaller by design. These facilities can be used by personal trainers and fitness instructors to give their clients individualized or small-group attention. These facilities can suddenly appear in a garage, a storefront, or any other location with enough room. After COVID, this is how many people see their future gym experience.

Three trainers in action in a training class
Small fitness studio

Why is it different than large gyms?

First and foremost, community is the main reason why boutique fitness studios have grown to be so widely accepted. Because they are smaller and more personal, studios will always feel a little more intimate. When they take lessons with the same classmates repeatedly, they feel closer to one another. They motivate them to continue attending class and push them through their workout.

When you visit a small fitness studio and take a class, you know you're going to work out, which is beneficial when you lack inspiration, motivation, or a plan for the day. When you don't have the time or energy to consider what your workout should be that day, classes remove the uncertainty out for you, which is crucial.

Why is this trending now?

A lot of people are taking better care of their personal well-being as a result of the Covid-19 situation. As the industry's fitness trends continue to develop, businesses have the opportunity to empower members by assisting them in improving many aspects of their wellness in addition to their physical fitness. With the integration of mind-body techniques into several gyms and health clubs, mental health and physical fitness continue to be linked.

Yoga trainers in action in a small studio
Focused floor layout

What's the biggest difference?

In large gyms, the bodybuilding floor layout is used. The gym layout is centered on the placement of each piece of equipment to ensure that all users get a good workout, but trainers can easily become distracted. The typical gym setting does not prioritize any particular type of workout or weight lifting.

However, in small fitness studios, the floor is dedicated to a specific type or types of workout. This benefits trainers by removing distractions and keeping them focused on their task; as a result, training sessions become more concise and effective.


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