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How To Start And Grow Your Personal Fitness Training Business

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

A man making a plan
Planning comes first

1. Plan your fitness training business

It requires preparation to make the great goals you have for your fitness business a reality. Consider where you want your company to be in six months, two years, and five years. Your long-term objectives may include hiring a staff of personal trainers, having your own studio, or starting other locations in other cities. Plan out the realistic measures you can take to accomplish your objective while keeping it in mind.

2. Focus your fitness training service

A pilates trainer

Choose a certain service category that you want to provide. I once found a flier for a personal trainer who specialized in "bodybuilding, triathlon training, weight loss, older adults, powerlifting, barbell training, and HIIT conditioning". There are too many options.

The flier resembles a phone book!

3. Who is your client?

Who is your ideal client once you've determined the services you'll provide? Choose a target market or a certain population that could use your services.

During the daytime it might be retired people, people working from home or those on maternity or paternity leave. Early afternoon it might be children or young adults and then in the evening, gym rats or anyone who is busy working in the day.

4. Create a 4 or 6 Week Program

You can sell to a certain niche by developing a program. Despite the fact that you are just aiming for a small group of people, it's likely that many of them will find your program useful.

Here are a few instances: 4-week program for women's strength training, 6-week program for runners' power, and 6-week program for kids' games.

Ask whether you may offer the training to the members or employees of a nearby office building, community college or youth sports organization.

5. Partner With a Local Dietitian

A dietitian measure weight

Some people might believe that working with your rivals is a bad idea. However, there are a number of advantages to working with someone like a dietician.

Together, you can design a webinar or online class on healthy living. Both you and the dietician will market to your respective customer bases. It's a fantastic technique to acquire emails and refer new customers!

6. Use Referrals To Transform Clients Into Advocates

How frequently have you seen on Facebook requests for recommendations from your friends for a good product or service?

Ask your current customers whether they know of any friends, family members, coworkers, neighbors, teammates, club members, or other associates who could use your services.

7. Your Clients

Happy trainees
Happy clients

Your customers are the most crucial component of a personal training firm, thus cultivating a good rapport with them should be your first concern.

They will stay loyal if they feel they got a decent return on their time and money because they are unlikely to obtain such excellent customer service anywhere else.

Always customize your fitness training programs, and if you haven't worked with them recently, be sure to catch up.

8. Membership Management Software

Running a fitness studio comes with unique challenges, especially when scheduling classes, maximizing bookings, and managing client retention. The owner is constantly juggling a comprehensive timetable of classes, ensuring that they cater to varying fitness levels and diverse member schedules. Achieving a fully booked calendar, pivotal to revenue generation, can be difficult. Sporadic bookings or last-minute cancellations can lead to underutilized classes and loss of revenue. Besides, managing a dynamic schedule manually leaves room for errors which can lead to inefficiencies and frustrated members.

Moreover, collecting payments and managing member churn adds a layer of complexity.

Simply Studio membership management software is a pioneer in intelligent digital solutions, Simply Studio offers a unique blend of simplicity and sophistication, presenting tools that streamline operations, increase efficiency, and enhance customer experience.

It will help you to manage your membership, offer a member personalized website to book their classes, data and analytics and many more tools to start and grow your fitness studio.

Using your imagination to start and expand your business is one of the best aspects of a profession as a personal trainer and the best approach to grow your personal training business. Finding the approach that works for you requires some trial and error. You will definitely make mistakes along the way, but you can and will succeed!


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