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Best 10 Gym Management Software For 2022

Updated: Oct 21, 2022


One of the best pieces of fitness management software on the market is Glofox.

There are numerous reasons for this, including market-leading dashboard, visuals, and user experience. The biggest fans of the app are its users, which is always gratifying.

This gave the business the opportunity to thrive early on and still gives them a competitive edge now. This program is one that you should definitely take into account when opening a new facility or when it's time to update your current technology due to its great features and very effective assistance.

Someone using a gym software
Gym software


Grow your fitness business with confidence and support you can rely on.

Gymflow's abundance of additional features aimed at boosting customer retention and engagement, which you may add to the customer's dashboard, sets it apart from many rival solutions.

This best-in-class management software was created by fitness entrepreneurs for fitness entrepreneurs to meet the unique requirements of the fitness industry. They provide a variety of designs and cutting-edge tools to fit your demands, whether you own one store or a thousand.


A heavy duty gym scheduling software that can control everything from the front door, to analysis of the data from your website.

They have created best-in-class management software to meet the unique demands of fitness businesses since it was created by fitness entrepreneurs for other fitness entrepreneurs. They provide a variety of layouts and cutting-edge tools to fit your demands, whether you have one site or a thousand.


The Zen Planner Suite gym membership software goes beyond assisting you in managing your company; it elevates it to new heights with market-leading fitness software, a stunning website, digital marketing, and first-rate customer support.

It is simple to track member performance and progress them to the next training level thanks to the software's online logbook. Zen Planner allows you to create custom training plans and provides an overview of member profiles. Class tracking, time monitoring, embeddable calendars, and automated reminders are included in its simple scheduling capabilities.

A fitness instructor and a trainer
Fitness trainer


A full-stack gym management system, PushPress is available to assist you in expanding your fitness center. You can manage classes and private sessions, collect money, monitor attendance, handle leads, and keep up with member relationships all from the palm of your hand

Pushpress is a system that is simple and intuitive to use for gym owners on the go, partnered with rock star customer support, and a platform that can interact with third-party software to let gym owners tailor the system their business needs (who all have owned gyms)


The company management system from Mindbody improves every aspect of the client experience. Increase interaction through targeted email and text marketing and automated advertising. With frictionless scheduling and a stunning AI-powered front desk, bookings will be a breeze. Track important data with thorough reporting, convert leads into devoted customers with an integrated CRM, and distinguish your business with a tailored app. You can now give your clients the focus they require by streamlining your day.


Gym management software that frees up your time and helps you grow.

Simplified billing, enrollment, membership management, and marketing features that help you grow your gym or martial arts school.

Gymdesk makes it easier to sign up and manage members while giving administrators access to planning tools and marketing options. Gymdesk, which was initially created with a focus on martial arts schools, now provides a solution appropriate for all types of gyms and fitness facilities.


After ten years on the market, TeamUp's objective is to to offer the best management software for fitness studios, boxes, and gyms. Being the fitness software that is continually most highly rated, they have aided thousands of business owners in growing their operations to take on more clients, open new locations, and open franchises.

They are unique in that they don't upsell and instead provide the same levels of service to everyone. Clients pay on the number of active customers they have each month rather than for the capabilities TeamUp provides.


Do not be deceived by the similarities between the main features, such as reservations and bookings, of the rivals. The app's excellent functionality and flawless user experience are what set it apart from the competition.

In fact, the app may be the market's best-designed gym administration system and includes a ton of marketing and CRM capabilities that are wonderful for both administrators and users who can never have enough.


Take the Work Out of Play™

Sports are fun. Organizing each season is not. TeamSnap makes it easier.

This app has everything you need to run your sports club. Teamsnap can manage database management, schedule management, membership registration, club coordination, website design, and brand-building. Data collection and payment processing are automated by its online registration feature. Managers can create a nice website for marketing and connect the software with bank accounts. Teamsnap integrates with Facebook and offers open APIs for integrating other corporate tools.

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